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Caring for Country

Noongar people are custodians of the lands, waters and skies of Noongar Boodja which includes the entire southwest of Western Australia. As Custodians we have a responsibility to Care for Country, as Country is our ancestor, our kin and when Country is healthy we are all healthy.

Together we can build a greener, safer environment for all living creatures.

Commitment to Country

To Care for Country the whole ecosystem needs to be respected, restored and wild animals reintroduced, safeguarding natural. Restoration is about helping boodja that has been damaged, degraded, or destroyed from land clearing, prescribed burning or over development to give back to nature as inspired by Noongar six seasons. Including bringing back lost species, restoring waterways, understanding the rich soils and building natural spaces for fauna to thrive that are found naturally in the area.


Brook Restoration

Natural water purification activities from:

March to May

National park

Noongar Crops

reintroducing noongar species to Gidgegannup

May to July


SWAP Process

measuring country

Noogar Six Seasons

Without nature humans won't survive,
without humans nature will thrive

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