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Robert Davis

Proud Noongar and Yamatji Maaman.

Robert has 10 years experience in the building sector and 4 years supporting youth in detention. From 2015 Robert decided to create positive change for many First Nation youth through As One Nyitting's cultural pathways.   



Zoe Davis

Connected to Wilman and Badamia Nations 

Zoe corporate background includes 9 years as a Project Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Double Major Finance and Business Management). Zoe is passionate about protecting our Culture and empowering youth to achieve greatness.


Michelle White

Michelle is an award winning former ABC journalist with more than thirty years’ experience in television, film, radio, print and digital media.

A proud Yamatij storyteller, she is passionate about sharing the stories of First Nation people and they have formed the basis of many of her creative projects, including short stories, publications and plays.

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Tom Joyner

Sharing Toms story soon

Your Cultural Journey Starts Today

The Story of As One Nyitting is young and growing, yet it follows the path of our ancestors before us. We are driven by the ancient knowledge reflected in our vision and values, and we are guided by our Elders to ensure we that we work in a way that is true to our Culture and to our people. We would not be in existence without our Elder, Trevor Davis. Trevor was born on Balardong country and raised immersed in Culture under the care and guidance of his beloved grandmother. In turn, Trevor passed on the wealth of his knowledge to his son Robert Davis who is connected to Noongar and Yamatji country. Robert and Zoe met in their early teenage years at high school and their stories became entwined from that time. Zoe is connected to Wilman and Badamia nations and linked to Culture through her grandmothers story.


For a long time, both Robert and Zoe understood the overwhelming need for young people to connect to Culture. It is vital that Culture is passed on to our youth to ensure it continues for the sake of our land and for our people. In 2014, After 22 years of marriage and successful careers as a builder (Robert), and corporate accountant (Zoe), husband and wife made the decision to resign from their jobs and pour all their energy, resources and skills into delivering programs for First Nations youth. As One Nyitting Limited was born. Under the guidance of Trevor Davis, AONL has delivered multiple cultural programs for youth and families across metropolitan Perth and the Wheatbelt, and we continue to expand our footprint across Ngoongar country. We create, innovate, adapt and deliver our own Cultural programs and Cultural tools. We dream big: we intend to reach as many of our people as we can to keep our Culture and our people strong. We will carry the torch of our Culture far and wide, and we will pass it on to future generations of young leaders.

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