Caring for Country Pathway at Muresk Institute, created and supported by As One Nyitting

Kadadjin Boodja Bidi

Working hard at KBB pathway Muresk Institute

June 24, 2017

Congratulations to the young people currently completing the Kadadjin Boodja Bidi Pathway at Muresk Institute. You empower As One Nyitting and Muresk Institute teams to keep moving along a path of self-determination, positive leadership and greatness. 

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Kadadjin Boodja Bidi meaning Caring for Country Pathway. This pathway is very unique to our young people because it incorporates Agriculture, Innovation and Culture and we are very proud of all the young men who have graduated from the KBB pathway at Muresk Institute.


This pathway wouldn't be possible without the great people at Muresk Institute who continue to support the Caring for Country vision. Thank you to Prue Jenkins (General Manager) and her team.

Muresk Institute is located on Ballardong country near Northam. There are many opportunities through Muresk Institute, 

CULTURAL PATHWAYS - Agriculture Training and Work Placement

As the young people transition from the introductory programs building Cultural Pride, Leadership and Responsibility, (Koorlangka Dreaming and Waalitj Nyitting) the As One Nyitting team created pathways into training and work to support First Nation youth to stay connected to country, family and culture.

Empowering First Nation Youth through Culture.

From the Traditional knowledge handed down generation after generation, the As One Nyitting team empower young people to embrace their Cultural Journey to achieve a sense of belonging, pride and purpose which is aligned to cultural protocols and customs in caring for country and family.

The First Nation connection to CULTURE is pivotal in supporting future Cultural Leaders.

For more information please contact the team: 0400 928 147 or