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Connection to Traditional Culture (CTC) Program 

The Connection to Traditional Culture Program was developed by AONL to ensure that all First Nations children in dual-status, justice & out-of-home, have a defined pathway home to Family, Country, and Culture. It is through connecting to Culture that our children, families, and communities are able to thrive. CTC Program identifies all those with a responsibility for the wellbeing of the child and facilitates a framework of collaboration focused on working together to achieve the best interests of the child, which in turn is best for family and community. 


CTC Program Objectives

The aims of the Program are simple yet ambitious. These include:

1. Our children thrive on home country with family.

2. Young leaders are nurtured in our communities

3. Our young people grow strong in our Culture and give back to our people - protecting Culture.

Child Centred

The child is at the centre of the CTC Program and supported by all. The child’s first and primary connection is to family, kinship, and community and this is celebrated and strengthened through the Program. Through this journey the child begins to understand all the pathways available to them as they embrace their Culture with pride & purpose.

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Baldja (united) Approach

The Baldja approach identifies all people who play a role in forwarding Cultural connection for the child. The aim of the Baldja approach is to provide the maximum level of support for each child in an environment where all groups are in mutual understanding regarding what constitutes the best interests of the child. It is only when we are all truly united that our children can be fully supported in a Culturally safe way

Breaking the cycle of child removal-starts with us.

A child does not exist in isolation and cannot be Culturally safe unless their family, kin, and community are Culturally safe. The CTC Program validates both collective and individual worth, recognising and understanding family relationships and celebrating their unique place in Culture where we shine through and stand strong for each other. Created by our people, for our people, the Program shows what we need to do, and how to do it. The Program is able to reflect a truth that resonates and is trusted by our people, elevating Culture as the ultimate and only guide back to home, family, and country.

When our children are strong, we are strong. 

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