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Creating a better future together, where Culture and Nature are respected, protected, and nurtured today for tomorrow 

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Creating positive change through First Nation Rights

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Our Journey

Our Culture was born in the Nyitting when our spirit ancestors emerged from the cold darkness and travelled across the surface of the world, creating the land and rivers, waterholes, mountains, trees, sky, people, and all the animals, fish, and birds.


Our Connection to the land and all living beings lies deep within us from the moment we are born. Born from the land, when we pass, we return to the land in a reciprocal relationship. In this way, land, our Boodja, is sacred


Our Responsibility to land, to family, to community is defined through Culture, passed on by our Elders, the Cultural Authority and ancient knowledge custodians who continually guide us along our journey.  


Our Journey is one of interconnection. We all have a responsibility to our families, our communities, and our environment. We all can take steps towards strengthening our connection to the land that sustains us.  

Call for passionate people to walk with us

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