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Knowledge sharing is a cornerstone of Noongar culture. This wisdom flows from the ancient custodians of knowledge, the Elders, to the younger generations, a tradition that has been upheld since time immemorial and persists to this day.

As One Nyitting honors our Elders and perpetuates the cultural practice of knowledge sharing by providing on-Country Journeys and upholding our commitment to Truth Telling.

On-Country Knowledge Sharing Journey's We Offer

​There is a growing need to establish meaningful spaces for knowledge sharing on country and at As One Nyitting we take pride in sharing the most ancient culture in the world where people are inspired to celebrate Noongar Culture personally and professional benefitting generations to come. AONL Charity and Community Owned Social Enterprise are charging ahead through Bush Food, Botanicals and Biodiversity Restoration which will ensure research and development pathways are truly sustainable, meaningful and commercially viable. In parallel and guided by research findings, there is a need to nurture country of Noongar seeds, seedlings and bush medicine of a consistent quantity and quality that supports the need as defined by Country. As One Nyitting's access of biodiversity hotspots outside of our Nyitting Naturescape at Gidgegannup will be established and supported through Cultural Regeneration on Country as defined by Ancient customs of caring for country.


Youth Pathway

Koorlangka Dreaming

young people from:

8 - 18 years


On Country Camp

Waalitj Nyitting

Eagle Dreaming

Maaman & Yorgas


Cultural Immersion

Experience @ Gidgegannup

up to 50 people

Commitment to Truth Telling

Truth telling speaks to sharing important First Nation understandings that come with an invitation to be curious as we walk a journey together as guided through Custodianship, Cultural Authority and Cultural Safety which are central to Noongar Culture and maintaining authentic relationships as guided by Customary Law.

Customary Law defines First Nations peoples’ roles and responsibilities to family, kin and Country. It is a set of Cultural Protocols that maintains the balance and relationship between all things. These Protocols are an indicator of respect of Land, People and Spirit and central to Noongar Culture.

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