• As One Nyitting

WAALITJ WELLNESS Pathway Wheatbelt - Supporting Families

- Maaman Yarning on Country

- Yorgas Yarning on Country

- prevention school workshops

- One to One support

- Creative Expression workshop with community members

Visit our Team at the Northam Office or Call Robert Davis on 0400 948 732

WAALITJ WELLNESS PATHWAY was developed for people suffering from the impact of challenges directly or indirectly . Based on realigning Mind, Body and Spirit, participants learn to address contemporary challenges with the help of our ancient knowledge systems. AONL coaches are paired with individuals to support them in the creation and actioning of personalized wellness plans that provide a foundation where healing begins. The pathway is also offered to groups, depending on need in the community. AONL has been the creator and sole provider of this pathway since 2019. More than 600 people in the Wheatbelt have participated in the past year, from school aged children through to our Elders.

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