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Kadadjin Boodja Bidi (KBB) - Youth & Elders

Updated: Jun 30

Caring for Country Pathway, Training and Employment, supported by Muresk Institute

The KBB Pathway strengthens the sense of belonging, identity and responsibility to care for country for Youth and Elders, to support a foundation of empowerment that is aligned to meaningful training and sustainable employment on country, the KBB Pathway includes the following stages:

Preparation - Koorlangka Dreaming (Youth)

- Waalitj Nyitting (Elders)

Holistic Mapping - exploring future opportunities to ensure employability i.e. licensing, ID and meaningful training.

Training - Observe and report plants and animals - Maintain natural areas - Collect native seed

Employment - Wheatbelt soil and water monitoring - Gidgegannup native plants and animals research

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