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Connection to Traditional Culture Framework Pilot Completed

As One Nyitting Ltd (AONL) has been working with young people and families on Ngoongar Country in metropolitan Perth and the Wheatbelt region since 2015. As a First Nations social enterprise we take our lead from our Elders and work for the benefit of our community; creating, innovating, adapting, and delivering Cultural programs and tools to meet the needs of our people. Our pathways include belonging and identity, leadership, wellness, training, and employment. Our Culture demands that we work in a holistic way under the guidance of our Elders.

The Connection to Traditional Culture Framework was developed by AONL to ensure that all First Nations children in OOHC have a defined pathway home to Family, Country, and Culture. It is through connecting to Culture that our children, families, and communities are able to thrive. CTCF identifies all those with a responsibility for the wellbeing of the child and facilitates a framework of collaboration focused on working together to achieve the best interests of the child, which in turn is best for family and community. CTCF operates as a foundational framework providing a structure and methodology to support our youth in a manner that is Culturally relevant and Culturally safe.

“I have been coming to meetings for forty years and this is the best thing I have heard. This can really work. Nothing else has.” CTCF Elder
“We were blessed with our children to raise and cherish, love and nurture. Our torch burns bright with Cultural pride. We light the way for our children to walk in our footprints as our Elders have before us.” Family Member

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