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BOTANICAL BUSH TEA - Ancient Healing from Noongar Country


This Bush Tea has been wild harvested on Noongar boodja to harness the full revitalising flavours of this spectacular botanical bush tea. With the natural healing properties from boodja, this ancient bush tea helps to calm the mind and relax the body, feeling more focused to finish a busy day with a well rested sleep.


Customers share their Botancial Bush Tea experience:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • boost immunity from flu symptomes
  • promotes calmness of the body and mind
  • taste great and refreshing
  • helps to reduce cravings
  • hightened awareness


How to use:

Add only ONE cuppa to your daily routine to feel the Botanical Bush Tea benefits which could support a better sleep and/or a more focused day.


This AMAZING Ancient Bush tea is re-infuseable. Small packet includes 10 tea bags or large packet includes 20 tea bags. You only need to enjoy one tea bag per cuppa to eexperience the full healing benefits of country.



    Botanical Bush Tea formed from the Ancient Knowledge and Customs from Noongar Country and remains the rights of First Nation People to protect and care for country.

    Botanical BUSH TEA -Wild Berries

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