"Back to Country"

Life changing experience for young Men to understand and appreciate the First Nation culture: Land Spirit and People. Culture is a very significant part of each First Nation person, it is our way of life and through positive engagement such as going back to country and passing on the traditional practices and knowledge, we are ensuring cultural empowerment is instilled within our community.




Each group will work as a team to make it through each cultural challenge.


Waalitj Nyitting - Back to Country - groups consists of:

  • First Nation young men

  • Who will benefit from direction, leadership, cultural pride and responsibility

  • Young men wanting to understand their sense of belonging


If you would like to refer a group to participate in Waalitj Nyitting, please contact the As One Nyitting team on

E: rzdavis@asonenyitting.com.au or M: 0400928147




Empowering First Nation Youth through Culture.


From the Traditional knowledge handed down generation after generation, the As One Nyitting team empower young people to embrace their Cultural Journey to achieve a sense of belonging, pride and purpose which is aligned to cultural protocols and customs in caring for country and family.

The First Nation connection to CULTURE is pivotal in supporting future Cultural Leaders.

For more information please contact the team: 0400 928 147 or rzdavis@asonenyitting.com.au