Owners and directors Robert and Zoe Davis have been developing innovative pathways, programs and tools to support our people since 2013.


Understanding our cultural strengths, we focus on building cultural pride, resilience and empowerment for First Nations youth and families.


Robert Davis is connected to Yuat, Whadjuk and Yamatji Nations, and understood his cultural identity from a young age through his Father, Elder Trevor Davis.


Zoe Davis is connected to Wilman and Badamia Nations, of Narrogin and Mt Magnet, and embraces her culture through her Grandmother’s story.


Zoe Davis


Zoe is a proud Wilman and Badamia Yorga of Noongar and Yamatji Nations, Zoe believes our koorlangkas are the key to protecting our culture for many more generations and we can all play a part in empowering our youth to understand their Cultural Journey and Responsibility to care for our Elders, our country and traditional lore. As the CEO of AONL Zoe’s vision is to build a strong cultural foundation of language, place, ceremony and spirit to be celebrated every day and embraced by the nation. Zoe feels blessed every day that AONL can create positive change through the Koorlankga Dreaming, Waalitj Nyitting and Waalitj Wellness pathways. As One we are all connected to the Nyitting.

Robert Davis

Program and Pathway Director

Rob is a proud Ballardong Cultural Leader from Northam, and for the past 6 years Rob has empowered over 600+ youth to understand their Cultural Journey to become the guardians of our Ngoongar Culture and through the traditional knowledge passed down from his Father Trevor Davis he can ensure Culture is strong in our community. Rob is the Co-Founder and Program Director of AONL and as the Program Manager for the Waalitj Wellness Project, every day he supports local families to develop wellness tools for themselves to move forward with pride, cultural respect and wellness.

Trevor Davis

Cultural Ngoongar Elder

Trevor is a proud Ballardong and Whadjuk Cultural Elder, gifting our community each day with Traditional knowledge passed down from his Dearest Grandmother. As the Cultural Elder for AONL Trevor has the most important role in our First Nation community to keep our Culture strong, passing on the stories told to him over 60 years ago on country. Today our koorlangkas are connecting to an ancient song on our land, our sacred boodja.

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