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Kadadjin Boodja Bidi - Caring for Self, Caring for Country Pathway (Training & Employment)

The Kadadjin Boodja Bidi (Caring for Self - Caring for Country) Pathway was established July 2021 to strengthen self-esteem, pride, and confidence for 15 Youth and 15 Elders, to support a foundation of empowerment that is aligned to meaningful training and sustainable employment on country.


Once the Youth and Elders are culturally empowered we will align the Elder or Youth to a training and/or employment package.


Caring for Self - Caring for Country

1) Elders and Youth connecting to country to develop and strengthen pride and purpose. When our families are strong our community is strong.

Holistic Mapping

2) Holistic Mapping - exploring employment pathways that are aligned to the participants strengths, interests and responsibility to protect and care for country and culture.


Culturally Appropriate Training - Family Approach

3) Training - 

  • Identify Native Flora and Fauna

  • Identify significant sites

  • Seed Collection

  • Earthworks

  • Fencing


Employment & Protecting Country

4) Employment @ Gidgegannup - 

  • Planting Native crops

  • Seed Storage

  • Water and Soil Management

  • Construction of Wellness Hub & Cabins

  • Water Harvesting

KBB Pathway expires from July 2022

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