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Caring for Country
(Protecting Biodiversity & Ancient Songlines on Noongar Country)

First Nation people Cared for Country for over 60,000 years and the unique ecosystems found on Noongar country date back 250 million years ago where dinosaurs walked the land. The Ancient footprints, unmarked trails to the sacred songlines, hearing the whispers through the trees, are the constant messages country will never forget the first children of this majestic land.


This deep connection to country starts from the seed, into the soil and as the first rain falls, life starts on country where birds sing and kangaroos play, the dance of nature begins to celebrate life once again. We share in the dance with a deep beat, to hold the seeds as needed across the balanced 6 seasons, growing into the noongar wild harvest beyond the eyes can see. Country is life and every day we celebrate our love for boodja with many.


Inspired by Noongar Six Seasons


Dec - Jan

Ceremony season as indicated by Moodjar Tree

Wild Harvest


Feb - Mar

Season of young

Wild Harvest


Apr - May

Season of First Rains &

Land Restoration


Jun - Jul

Land restoration continue

Djilba & Kambarang

Aug - Sep

Oct - Nov

Wildflower Seasons starting from mid Aug

SWAP Technology

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