As One Nyitting received recognition from Department of Training and Workforce Development alongside Muresk Institute for the innovative training  Kadadjin Boodja Bidi, Caring for Country Pathway. Picture includes, Zoe Davis, Robert Davis, Prue Jenkins, John Smoker and Trevor Davis Snr

As One Nyitting Limited is a Public Company and First Nation Registered Charity, The team is based across Perth WA on Ngoongar Boodja. Established in 2013 specialising in providing culturally innovative projects to the local First Nation Community. 



Program and Pathway Director

Robert Davis
Trevor Davis

Cultural Ngoongar Elder

Specialised Area: First Nation Culture - Ngoongar Boodja, Life Coach, Leadership, and Community Cultural Programs

Specialised Area: First Nation Culture - Ngoongar Boodja, and Ngoongar Bush Medicine 

Zoe Davis


Specialised Area: Financial Management, First Nation Financial Inclusion, Mining and Community Engagement, Business Management and Cultural Leadership

Working Area 200kms around Perth, From Moora, Northam, Narrogin and in between

Empowering First Nation Youth through Culture.


From the Traditional knowledge handed down generation after generation, the As One Nyitting team empower young people to embrace their Cultural Journey to achieve a sense of belonging, pride and purpose which is aligned to cultural protocols and customs in caring for country and family.

The First Nation connection to CULTURE is pivotal in supporting future Cultural Leaders.

For more information please contact the team: 0400 928 147 or